Nicks USA Auto Transport Inc - Bad auto transport company!

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They were really nice a couple of weeks ago to make an appointment with me to transport my vehicle across state.They said they would contact me a couple of days before to make sure they had a driver for me set up for that day.

Took my C.C.#, but have not charged anything so far thankfully(I will be contacting my today though). So for two days I have been leaving msgs and I have heard nothing! I was supposed to be picked up today. I finally got the same woman on the phone today and she said the driver she had for me fell through.

She never contacted me though. She said she would call back in 10min and would try to get someone else.

An hour and a half later I called back and she put me on hold right away.After 10min on hold I called back and there was no one available to take my call!!!!!



Cost for shipping car is not high but its all depend upon the company, How famous is company how high will be the cost…thank you for the post .

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